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underline;”>Welcome to the World of Rehabilitation

Pain is experienced by mind and body, a metaphysical connection that is impossible to separate. The mind can be

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touched by ethereal connections much the same way as the body can be touched by physical treatments.

I, Nabin Das (Chief Physiotherapist of Park Clinic , Kolkata , India) believe we all have the right to a pain-free life. As I believe: “Look Locally but Think Globally” to find the Root Cause

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Here are a few tips that you ought to know.

of your problem. If you are fed up with being in pain, “take your life back”!

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We achieve long lasting results by providing the highest quality unparallel practice. We focus on the cause of the problem to fix your pain fast and stop it from returning!


Regularly attend seminars for ongoing professional development to keep the skills at the highest standard. Kinergetics, TMJ-RESET, Dural Chain Activation Techniques (D-CAT), Kinetic Chain Activation Technique (K-CAT) are amongst many!


LBP very commonly known to the Physical World as Low Back Pain but to me it’s different !! Searching and fixing the Root Cause of pain makes all the difference here.


As equipped with many unique techniques, assurance of Highest Quality Care is the Motto.


Our vision is to positively influence the lives of every person on the Earth and to make the World the healthiest and best place to live in.


If required, we have good relationships with local doctors, specialists and radiology clinics to get you in faster.

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Kinergetics .Kinergetics. Kinergetics. Kinergetics This for testing.

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TMJ/JAW pain

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